Sabtu, 23 Mei 2009

The meaning of love for a woman

Love on the lovers.
At the time a woman fall in love. Behavior to be strange sometimes sweet. The desire to understand, and be heard is the essence of love is a woman. True-love was born from the heart without charges. Feel calm and grace. Sometimes flavored with lust.

Love to the Children and Parents
Full of love, without the intention and sincere throughout the ages. Though often accompanied with happiness and tears.

Love to you
Maintain and protect each other

Love to Friend
Mutual respect and maintain

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Sang Cerpenis bercerita mengatakan...

itulah cinta yg lembut krn ditinjau dari sisi perempuan.
btw, mbak anggota blogger bertuah juga ya? kan dari riau. senang sekali kenal sama mbak.

home mengatakan...

yo wis podo

ade mengatakan...

there is any description for love what ever man or women, because the true love is universe love from GOD to us mean not male and female but all things and creature from GOD.

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